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What are you listening to?
11 comments - created by ETD about 7 years ago

Hey everybody!

I always really enjoy these types of posts, since I absolutely love discovering new music, so here we go.

What have you been listening to lately?

Personally I've been addicted to Lazerhawk and Perturbator. I first discovered the bands after seeing a post about Kavinsky on the frontpage and looking for more similar music.

Since I've been mostly listening to Lazerhawk the last few days, here are my two favorite songs of theirs:

Skull and Sharks


Both of those songs are especially great for late night highway driving.

So, what's running on repeat on your preferred music playing device?

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By Derpywolfz about 7 years ago

We'll lately I've been listing to galantis when I'm playing Titan fall I have a bunch of there songs and remixes on a playlist and I zone out a lot :p . And I somehow always come back to rush's 2112 album when it's late at night I dunno it just gets me in a mood I love jamming out when I'm online however I have a bad habit of humming along so I have to turn off my headset

By SuperSpclAwe about 7 years ago

I've been listening to FKA Twigs' new album, and I'm quite liking it. It takes me several listens to actually understand what words she is saying (it's easy to get lost in the music itself, also she doesn't always sing that clearly), but I feel like there is so much potential here for her to grow as an artist. I quite like "Video Girl," "Numbers," and of course the killer first single "Two Weeks." I just love the spacey atmosphere of her songs. Quite an interesting artist. :)

By CHaDOS about 7 years ago*

Anything by Lapfoxtrax/Vulpvibe has my interest right now :D I've been listening to it for most of the day :) Particularly Kitsune Squared and Furries in a Blender

By Mittsie about 7 years ago

When I've been playing World of Tanks lately one song that has been playing more than anything else is Corroded - 6 feet of Anger. It just fits so well. :P

By JustJeff about 7 years ago*

Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glyne - Rather Be

Kieza - Hideaway

Tiesto - Red Lights

I'm a mainstream bitch :(

By Meskana about 7 years ago

Vicetone .

By Mace about 7 years ago

Hollywood undead | Deuce | Eminem | Weezer | The Offspring | The Beastie Boys

By Dyspnea about 7 years ago*

Lately I've been on a big Krill and Xiu Xiu kick. Lyrically, both groups have this sort of crude resonance, conveying intimate things in simple ways in which even the silly or mundane is full of intention. Krill is aptly described by a Bandcamp supporter as taking the best traits of Pixies, and then actually making themselves relatable. Xiu Xiu sort of started with post-rock-inspired, avant-garde freakouts with collages of uncommon instruments, then moved into a pop territory to contrast the less-than-pretty lyrical subjects, had an album with Nintendo DS sounds, and most recently got into analog synthesizers and foreboding percussion.

Because their stuff can get pretty NSFW, I'm not linking any Xiu Xiu and will leave that research to whomever is inclined — Fabulous Muscles is an easy album to get into sonically, though. I should also clarify what I mean when I say that Xiu Xiu can be less-than-pretty; the material often addresses sexuality, violence, and psychological distress, and while the primary creative force is a queer individual, he sometimes employs language that isn't agreeable.

As for Krill, I'm all about Purity of Heart, Oppressor, Sweet Death, and (the groove here is hypnotic) Turd

By Afflicted about 7 years ago

ThrowbackThursday on Spotify, so somewhat old songs from very genre it seems.

By Poptimistic about 7 years ago

Currently listening to the Shovel Knight soundtrack. It's brilliant and available for free on Jake Kaufman(the composer)'s bandcamp. I've also been listening to a lot of dance punk music. So Late of the Pier, DFA1979, Shitrobot, The Klaxons. Good gaming music.

By LadyOfDespair about 7 years ago

avenged sevenfold, and the gunpoint soundtrack

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