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What upcoming games are you most looking forward to?
17 comments - created by hanjie1712 about 7 years ago

Hey guys! Just wondering what kinda games are everyone looking forward to getting their hands on.

Here's my list:

1) Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - 3D remake of my favorite generation of Pokemon? Yes please!

2) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Borderlands 2 is one of my favorite and most played games, so I'm pretty excited to see how this instalment improves on the formula.

3) Dragon Age: Inquisition - I didn't really like Dragon Age: Origins's gameplay, but I'm predicting the mechanics in this one will be much more streamlined (like from Mass Effect 1 to 3). Plus Dorian Pavus....

4) Alien: Isolation - I'm getting a sci-fi Amnesia kinda vibe from this game, and the gameplay also looks solid. Completely sold.

5) Evolve - I just think it's such a fresh take on the PvP shooter genre. Having the developers for the Left 4 Dead series on board also helps.

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By Kennyist about 7 years ago*

My list:

1) Mass Effect 4.. oh sorry, Mass Effect 1.2
2) The Witcher 3
3) Borderlands: The Pre-sequal
4) AC: unity and possible AC: rouge, not to sure on that at the moment
5) Far cry 4
6) The Crew
7) Shadow of Mordor
8) The new Tomb Raider

By ETD about 7 years ago

Well, that's just one of the things I could go on about forever. There are way too many games I'm excited for.

Besides every single one Chase posted (since I'm excited for all of those) here are a few I can think of right now:

1) Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. I've always loved this series. While I've played other fighting games, Smash is the only one I've ever stuck with for a long time. The games seem to be shaping up really well.

2) Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor looks pretty great. I know that people complain about it not being 100% true to lore, but the truth is that for games you need to stretch story that's there already a little, or it simply won't be fun. Story, world and acting all looks great. If the nemesis system works well the game could be really damn great.

4) Life is Strange is the new game by the developers of Remember Me, which is one of my favorites. The world just looks absolutely incredible, and the soundtrack is one of the few I listen to regularily. Life is Strange seems to mix the great Memory Remix section of Remember Me with the storytelling of Telltale games.

5) Dreamfall Chapters is the third part of it's series. The first two are really good point and click adventures, and this one shapes up to be just as great.

6) The Long Dark is a survival game set in the canadian wilderness. They have Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale (Shepard in Mass Effect), Elias Toufexis (Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: HR) and David Hayter (Snake in Metal Gear Solid) too.

By CHaDOS about 7 years ago*

1) Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Emerald was my favourite Pokemon game, I can't wait for more Hoenn :D)

2) Firewatch, really beautiful looking game so far

3) A Bird Story (Freebird games) To the Moon was amazing, I can't wait for more from this dev

4) MASSIVE! Damn epic looking MOBA game, top character design and animation, it looks so stunning _

5) Heart Forth Alicia - I backed this on Kickstarter o: Really nice looking RPG game

6) The Witness! New game from Jonathan blow, the guy who made Braid :D

There's probably more if I think about it o: I'm looking forward to Starbound and Crea coming out of Beta and Owlboy looks like it's going to be awesome too :D and of course Smash Bros too! :3 I've never played any of the dragon age games, but Inquisition looks stunning @_@

By Meskana about 7 years ago

Omg. Monster hunter for PC. weaealwa SO EXCITED WHAT. It's going to be amazing. So...Epic and amazing. !_!

By Siraxta about 7 years ago

The only new game I've paid any attention to is Tree of Savior. @.@

By Mace about 7 years ago*

1) Super Smash Bros. 3DS|WiiU (Big melee and PM fan)

2) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequal (I haven't got to finishing BL2 on the console because I don't play my PS3 anymore, I am trying to get it on steam :3)

I mean this is really it, my games that I want out already are out, like Torchlight 2. I am a bad thinker so I don't have much. xD

By Bryceratops about 7 years ago*
  1. SSB
  2. MGSV: Phantom Pain
  3. Can I put KH3 or FFXV here? Because yes.
  4. Warlords of Draenor (Ugh.)

And Silent Hills now, of course.

By PlushSnake about 7 years ago
  1. Pokémon ORAS
  2. Super Smash Bros 4 (3DS)
  3. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  4. Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth
By Attis667 about 7 years ago

Something like this: 1. Persona 5 2. Kingdom Hearts 3 3. Silent Hill 4. Final Fantasy 15 5. Dead Rising 3

By Dielawn about 7 years ago

Pretty much exact same list except sub 3 for Hyrule Warriors.

By LadyOfDespair about 7 years ago

P.T. / Silent hills. Now i dont play horror games but my gf does. The only kind of video games I can get her to play right now. I just love watching and she gets a kick out of me losing it and freaking out

By Squidly about 7 years ago*

A Hat in Time

Axiom Verge

Bayonetta 2


Ghost of a Tale

Ghost Song

Heart Forth Alicia

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

By Malavai about 7 years ago

Is anyone following any upcoming MMOs? I want something to be exited about!

By Kimmy about 7 years ago*

1)Stronghold Crusader 2(looking for 2v2 buddy)

2)Farming Simulator 15(don't laugh.. ok fine laugh but it's fun in multiplayer with friends ok? >.>')

3)Star Ruler 2

4)Galactic Civilizations III

5)Clockwork Empires

6)Shadow of Mordor

By Amooshi about 7 years ago*

1.)Super Smash Bros WiiU is really enticing and I loved making up stories and want to partake in all the tumblers for Smash 4.
2.) Bayonetta 2 because... well I missed out of the first one due to the main character and the marketing in Japan... later seeing youtube videos of the super overthetop ending made me say "alright I want to try it at least"
3.) Can I just put Persona 5 and Persona Q on this because anything Persona 4 I seem to want...
4.) Tales of Hearts R because... I'm a sucker for the Tales of games and I'm super excited for it's localization!
5.) Hyrule Warriors because I'm already a Zelda fan and Dynasty Warrior games are my "gaming guilty pleasure"... Does anyone know of any other games I might possibly enjoy that are coming out? I'd love to hear some suggestions c:

@Malavai For future MMOs I know everyone is excited for Archeage and Wildstar, personally I really want to see what Everquest Next turns out to be u

By TheRaggedQueen about 7 years ago

Persona 5 is the big one, though honestly I'm a huge fan of most of the SMT titles. I'll admit that I haven't played Digital Devil Saga or the Raidou Kuzunoha subseries yet, but that's just a matter of time now that they're out on the PSN.

Aside from that, there's so many titles I'm not even sure where to begin. MGS V: The Phantom Pain, Hyrule Warriors, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Pokemon ORAS particularly, given that Hoenn was and is my favorite region to date.

By LadyOfDespair about 7 years ago

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Assassin’s Creed Rogue and Nosgoth to come out of closed beta

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