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Announcing our Giveaway! Update: RESULTS!
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Hello everybody!

I'm happy to announce our first big giveaway!

The rules are simple: every notice or session you create or post you leave on the forums will net you one entry. After the giveaway ends will decide who our lucky winners are!

To prevent spam, you can only score one entry per post, regardless of how many times you comment in the same post. In addition, your comment should contribute to the discussion of the post, instead of just being something like “Posting for my entry!”. The mods will regularly check the forums to determine which posts/comments are legit. Notices/Sessions without responses will also regrettably not be counted, to prevent cheating/spamming by way of creating notices/sessions for every single game in their library.

We will sponsor 3 prizes, and since everybody has different tastes we let you choose what you win! First prize will get to choose first, then second, then third.

  • 3rd: One game of your choice.

  • 2nd: Two games of your choice

  • 1st: Three games of your choice.

The games are: Serious Sam 3: BFE, Hammerwatch, Torchlight 2, Bastion, Don't Starve and Bioshock

The giveaway will end Tuesday, September 30th at 11:59PM UTC. The winners will be announced on October 2nd.

Also, the only games we have right now are PC games. They are either Steam keys or Humble Bundle / Humble Store gifts. If you have no PC to play on and happen to win let us know and we will figure something out. (Small paypal/PSN/Xbox/Nintendo eShop code)


Hey everybody! The winners have been chosen and have been added on Steam by me. In order to avoid people being bothered by "game beggars" we will not make the names public until a while after all winners have chosen their games.

I'm really looking forward to talking to the (hopefully) happy winners!

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