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Hello, Hello, Hello!
1 comments - created by EmmaVasNormandy about 6 years ago

New here, saw it on Reddit! How is everybody? I am 23, from Ohio, and love games! I just recently started streaming on twitch with some newfound freetime, but I don't have much to show just yet. Feel free to add me on xbox, same username! Always looking for friends to game with!

By the way, the name is Emily! :)

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By Nikatine about 4 years ago

Hi Emily! Nice to meet you! Do you play xbox exclusively, or do you play PC ever? I have a discord server called Transmission Gaming; we have lots of people who play console games there, if you're ever interested.

And hey! I'd love to follow you on twitch! Do you use the same screen name? Mine's NikatineStream. Check it out if you like cheesy 80's music and Overwatch nonsense!

It's good to meet you! :D Talk to you soon.