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New here! o/
4 comments - created by Tasteycakes about 7 years ago

Just saw a post about the site on Reddit. I haven't been checking Reddit as often so I missed this two months ago. Ah well XD I just wanted to say hi. Always up for games or just hanging out. :D

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By Valdine about 7 years ago

I recognize this name! I just joined myself to poke around.

By Kennyist about 7 years ago

Unfortunately there is basically no activity now. Trying to think of ways to get this to grow.

By Tasteycakes about 7 years ago

Yeah I saw that everything kinda ceased after two months. If there are any ways I can help let me know. :)

@Valdine o/ hey!

By LadyOfDespair about 7 years ago

hey welcome. Should have posted sooner but I forget to check the forums sometimes oops. but again WELCOME :3