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The Big Introduction Post
49 comments - created by CHaDOS about 7 years ago

I thought this would be a good thread to start, now there's a bunch of new members! :) A place for everyone to introduce themselves, I'll go first:

Heyo, my name is Char, I'm 20 and in my last year at University studying Animation. I'd like to be a 3D character animator for games one day ;w; I can mostly be found in Guild Wars 2 or the occasional indie game :3 I'm a huge sucker for games like Terraria, Starbound, Minecraft and Crea.....Starbound particularly, I've wasted days on xD

I'm from 'sunny' Cornwall, in England :) But hope to move to Seattle WA or New Zealand in the future ^^

My favourite games of all time are Portal 2, Okami, GW2 and Pokemon Emerald! I still need to get a 3DS so I can play the Ruby/Sapphire remakes when they launch!

I'm a sucker for cartoons, I love things like MLP, Adventure Time, Stephen Universe, anything like that :D and also some anime like FruitsBasket, Ouran, Sgt Frog and Wolfs Rain ^^

Sexuality wise, 'It's complicated' is probably the best answer :/ Although I think Bi or Panromantic Asexual is the closest I've gotten to figuring anything out. I'm still not 100% sure and seem to fall for women more often, so who really knows... I tend to just go under 'queer' to avoid confusing people nowadays

But yeah, It's really nice to meet you all! :D I look forward to gaming with some of you! :3

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By EsunaProxy about 7 years ago*

That's me, Aaron a 23 Canadian nerd who is just in the final stretch of school. I'm working at an internship ATM and doing very little actual work at it. I'm a quality assurance guy at this internship, but I plan in being a full blown developer. I'm going to work small time on my own but I have big ambitions and am setting myself up to start my own business.

I love to watch anime, play soccer, go for bike rides, and hang out. I've never been to a gay bar or club, but I do enjoy a pub and I would love to try those previous items as well. Animes ATM include: sao2, haikyuu, kurokos basketball, one piece, ouran high school host club, free (obviously) I just got out of a 3 year relationship.

I'm here to look for gaming groups who want to have fun. I play SO MANY GAMES, and I can't wait to join you in some!

By MajorScumbag about 7 years ago

Nice squarepusher display picture :)

By Kzwtl about 7 years ago

Hello. My name is Wing. I'm 22 and got my B.S.E.E few months ago. Seeking a full time job around NYC. xP

In term of games, I really like RPG. I played a lot of MMORPG and console games. FF / Kingdomr heart / Tomb Raider / Suikoden / Pokemon / Digimon :3 I love anime a lot as well. I own ps1/ps2/ps3/psp/nds/gba. :D

Online Games: LoL (Kzwtl) , DotA2 (Steam id: Kzwtl) , Guildwar2(In anvil rock)

Anime/manga: SAO2/shingeki no kyojin/one piece/HxH/Fairy Tail/Tokyo Ghoul

I am out to my mom (I live with her only). My one and only one relationship lasted 8months and ended in jan this year x) If anyone up for some game/chat, I am up for it.

By windingstare about 7 years ago

Hey, I'm JT or at least that's what people call me,Graduate last year with a pretty useless degree :( but such is life. Recently moved from NYC to Philadelphia and still getting use to it. Never thought two big cities could be so different.

I'm probably more casual when compared to people I know that call themselves gamers. Some Battlefield, GTA, whatever PS plus throws my way and maybe some Civ 5. Got a ps3, 3ds and a regular laptop that can run not intense games. I enjoy movies, exploring, road trips and just hanging out.

Gay and out to everyone but the family. Super religious and gay don't usually go well. Looking for people to play games with mostly, maybe introduce me to new ones.

By Kennyist about 7 years ago

Hi, my name is Tristan. I'm a 20 year old Games Development student from Cornwall, UK.

My game taste is quite varied, from tiny puzzle games to strategy to simulation. But the type I really like are Story focused games like Alan Wake, The Last of Us, Bioshock and Gone Home. I can be found playing games like Arma 2/3, Battleblock theatre and Civilisation V at the moment.

I'm also a big fan of comedy shows and films. Such as I've watched That Mitchell and Webb look, Have I Got News For You, Armstrong And Miller and Fawlty Towers (for the 5th time) in the last few days while doing work.

I am also Bi, but leaning more on the Gay side at the moment and out to everyone but my family, but would be shocked if they didn't already know.

By ETD about 7 years ago*

Hey everybody, I'm Chris. 19 years old, soon starting involuntary civil service (which every male in Austria has to do). After that I hope to study "Media technology and design", which includes a lot of things relevant to game development. Let's see where the crazy train of life is going to take me.

The games I play are really varied. For the most part I play games for the story though. The Last of Us, Bioshock, Gone Home, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, The Walking Dead. Those are what I usually enjoy most. Especially Gone Home and the The Last of Us including Left Behind stuck with me. Besides that I also play other stuff. I really enjoy Nintendo games. Super Mario 3D World is probably the best Mario since World. Fire Emblem Awakening is one of my favorite RPGs. Mario Kart 8 is huge fun with friends and family, and I absolutely can't wait for Super Smash Bros 4.

In terms of multiplayer I don't play much besides Planetside 2 and Wildstar. I also play a bit of LOTRO, but mostly just leveling with my brother.

My taste in movies isn't really confined to anything specific either. Some of my favorite ones, in no particular order are Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World's End, Cloud Atlas, Moon, Children of Men, The Road, The Perks of being a Wallflower, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Dredd and many more.

In regards to the whole sexuality thing, I'm bi, not really leaning either way. Not out to anyone but very few friends.

By ETD about 7 years ago*

I'm pretty sure my brother realized it when he saw me mess around in Photoshop with a ton of colourful flags lately. Or when always get really mad about homophobic people. Or when he found my reddit username.

Actually there is literally no way he doesn't know. My mum thinks I'm gay, or at least she used to think that a few years ago. There is no reason for me not to be out, there wouldn't be any problems. I'm just a chicken I guess.

So yeah, that's me then.

Edit: So after having to split my comment I just learned that I type WAY too much. So that's another fact about me I suppose.

By iCrave4AceGamin about 7 years ago*

You cant just do Ace romanic, do all romanic to each identity! These are your category you should Add(not just identity).
Sex, What gender or in between were u born into in the beginning of your life.

Gender Identity, What you define yourself, do u think u r a male, female, binary?

Sexual orientation, That is your normal LGBT+ sexuality labels.

Romantic Orientation, What people you feel romanic to, your preference in who you want to date(which goes to every LGBT+)!

Sexual Behavior, How you act with other or like in a person other than romances!

I have invested in myself to know my self and what I like in others, Everyone should do that too! Easy Researching!

By Derpywolfz about 7 years ago

Hello everyone my names Adrian I'm 19 and I'm from British Columbia Canada im finishing off high school after taking a two years off .
The main reason I got into video games and anime is because I was in a car with my sister and we got t-boned by a jerk running a red light and my ribs and right arm and leg got messed up pretty bad so after I got out of the hospital I had to do something so I bought an xbox and started gaming almost non stop and soon after I got really into anime and geeky stuff. I play video games a lot now until school starts in September then I'm gonna cut back so I can get done with it after that I dunno . I'm into some anime like SAO and others and I'm into xbox I play third person shooters and RPGs I'm hoping to get a PC soon I've been saving up for a while so I'm exited . I'm out to my close friends and my mom and sister not my dad cause he left for some blonde bimbo -.- but that aside I'm happy to be here and yea .

By Ellenok about 7 years ago

Hi, i'm Ellen, i'm 18 years old and live in Denmark.

Currently i play Planetside 2 and Skyrim, and i have a fondness for games like Minecraft, Terraria and Starbound.

I like women, always have, and the fact that i'm am one myself means i'm a lesbian.
I'm also trans, and i haven't really gotten the opportunity to work on my voice, so that's been a large reason why i haven't taken the initiative to join any clans, teams or outfits in games i play.

I look forward to playing games with y'all.

By Zombilina about 7 years ago

Hiya fellas! I'm Caroline, most people call me Kiki. I'm 21 years old, live in the general vicinity of Atlanta, GA, going to college online for IT, graduate in 5 weeks! :) I play on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Mostly play WoW on PC, though (for the Horde!). If any of you guys play, feel free to add me (I'm on US servers) VinylScratch#1160.

Only out to my online friends. Not out to family yet because I'm not yet quite able to support myself, so, just in case things go south, I'm closeted until that can happen (cheers to living in the bible belt..).

Anyway, nice to meet you all, I look forward to gaming with you all! :)

By iCrave4AceGamin about 7 years ago*;;

Hello! I'm Domi, I'm 20, I live in Bradenton, FL (USA)! I'm an Ninteno & Sony Fan, Old school player. I have a love hate relationship with new games, But Don't We ALL!!! I'm a broke college student that why i don't have or played many games, But been playing games since the gameboy came out! ANd I still have that Gameboy, collector? Recently I been a PC gamer (my computer is my child)! I have a steam account you are welcome to add me, iCrave4games.

Simpler Version: I'm Ace-Demisexual!

Complicated Version: Ace-Demisexual - Panromantic - Gynesexual Behavior - Unconformity gender, That A Mouth Full right?

If you don't know any of these are I will be glad to educate you more about the depths of Sexualities ways!!!

By ETD about 7 years ago

Hey, welcome Domi!

Awesome to see a fellow Nintendo fan here. I just wanted to let you know, the way you linked the images we can't seen them unless we're friends with you on FB. If you want a public link for an image open it in facebook so that the theater view comes up. That's exactly what you did. Then right click on the photo and choose "View Image". The photo, without anything else should pop up in a new tab.

Also, we just added a few new options to our "Identity" tab, you could now choose for example "Asexual/Panromantic".

Since you seem to really know this stuff, which identity/gender options are we lacking? We're looking to enable everybody to represent themselves how they want!

By lizzycakes about 7 years ago

What's an ace-demisexual? :o I think I know what Panromantic is, I have no idea what Gynesexual Behaviour is though... T_T I also don't know if you can even PM people on this lol

By ETD about 7 years ago

You can PM! It's not integrated into profiles yet, but if you click the small letter icon on the top right you get to the messages page, where you can click "create new message".

By Zethyr about 7 years ago

Hi. I'm Derek. 30 years old living in London UK. Originally from Ireland and moved to the UK 10 years ago.

I love mmo's and rpg's. Currently playing FFXIV:ARR, looking forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Multiplayer wise I like the last of us on PS4 and looking forward to Destiny.

I'm a big geek also into sci-fi (star trek, bsg) and comics (mainly marvel).

By JustJeff about 7 years ago*

Hello everyone! My name is Jeff and I'm a gay 26y/o gamer and PhD student in the US. I'm an FPS gamer, mainly on PC so I'm pretty narrow minded when it comes to games. I'm very big on playing games with people, so if there is a game you like to play that can be played with friends and you can sell it to me, I'm game!

I'm also a pretty active (or used to be, and am trying to get back in the habit) twitch streamer @ I hang out with quite a few people and play games online for everyone to watch (and I have a cam so you can watch me... you creeper :) ). If you feel so inclined, stop by and say hi while I'm live. :) I try to watch chat as closely as possible.

My favorite game is Counter-Strike, while most of the other games I play nowadays are either early access or in a closed beta. Basically, I'll play any game that exists as long as I have people to play with :)

It's great to meet you all and look forward to playing some games with you!

By Red519 about 7 years ago*

Hey hey all, my name is Kyle. I'm 27 years old and gay. I'm US military currently stationed in Germany for the time being. I play mostly PC games and I mix it up about 50/50 between MMORPG's and FPS games, with my big two games right now being FFXIV: ARR (Excalibur Server) and Planetside 2 (Emerald Server). I used to play WoW a lot but I'm on hiatus until the expansion. I also dabble in Star Trek Online and SWTOR.

I play lots of other games too, but usually not alone. I'm a Steam-Sale addict and my games library is huge (and I've never touched most of them) so chances are we have some games in common if you're big on Steam. I also play 3DS games but that's more of a casual on the side thing.

I love to chat and get competitive in games too, so if you want to know more, just hit me up! I don't really stream because my upstream bandwidth can't handle it, but I'm usually around even if I am on weird Euro time.

By hothotdoggie about 7 years ago

Yo yo, I'm Lorson. I'm 21 years old transman and currently taking a few years off from college. I work a dumb retail job second shift and I'm usually playing games from 1am to 4am. I play Team Fortress 2 every day and Season 14 will be my 4th season in highlander. I'm currently looking for a 6s team, preferably Steel where I can play scout. I also play a lot og single player Mass Effect, and I'm still figuring out CivV.

I watch a lot of cartoons, my favorites are Venture Bros (anyone else waiting for season 6?), Adventure Time, and Bob's Burgers.

:) I have a headset and am usually on mumble all day. I have a dirty mouth (I drop f bombs every other sentence) and I'm pretty bad at containing it :U So I'm sorry in advance. If anyone else is a TF2 addict, hit me up and let's do some tf2centers! Or random pub stomping, I'm game for that.

By Lemei about 7 years ago

Hey people!

Just spotted the forum on reddit and seeing as I've lost most of my gaming friends over the years, thought this would be a good plan. I'm 18, mtf trans but..right at the start of the entire process. So my voice needs considerable work whilst waiting for referrals and all that to come through So..take it easy if I speak with a ridiculously high-pitched or generally weird voice please :S As for sexuality, I fit into bi..I think? Perhaps bi with a very strong female lean.

As for games and activities, I'm currently trying to get into a university access course for next year. whilst also job searching and transitioning. So..well..rather busy to say the least. So relaxing activities are required! Gaming is always something I've enjoyed (my mother got me into it, oddly enough) I only play on PC due to horrific internet issues if I try xbox/ps3. Have steam and all that, so just a matter of time before I get it all sorted out. Nothing else really comes to mind..other than that it's great to be here and all that :)

By seveler about 7 years ago

Good day!

My name is Carlos and I am a 32 year old student majoring in nursing (yikes, student, right?) currently residing in a quiet suburb outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I spent a little over the last decade of my life in the armed forces and suddenly had a spark of influence to change careers (and could not be less happier for doing so). I am a huge World of Warcraft fan and have been playing since the vanilla (approximately three months or so before BC launched). I am eagerly anticipating the new expansion, but would definitely like to expand my online friend base (and possibly real world network as well). If you share similar interests, feel free to add me (bandaidbrand#1869). I am usually on and always game to do some HC raiding, xmog runs, or achievement hunt (always down to hit up some achievements).

By Meskana about 7 years ago*

Hi my name is Dash. I just joined this thang. My picture is my steam profile picture :). I play Mobas, Mmorpgs, etc. In school majoring in Biology but focusing on the cardio-thoracic study. Also thinking of psycology. Gah choices. Love new friends ESPECIALLY involving my games :D. Send me a PM to game sometime. Wee. :D

Edit: Oopsie forgot the sexuality introduction bahaha. I am gay. I like zee men. c:

By Siraxta about 7 years ago

Hi, my name's Lilith, but I often go by Lily for short. 17 year old in my last year of High School, pursuing film editing as a career. I primarily play RPGs, typically of the MMO/JRPG variety. In fact, pretty much whenever I'm playing a game that's not online, it's a JRPG. I love(d) Ragnarok Online, played for a lot of years, but have gotten bored of it recently. Been searching around for new MMOs to play, and have been pretty happy with what the combination of Tera Online and Dragon Nest have offered me. Very, very much looking forward to Tree of Savior when it comes out.

For console games, I love a lot of the Final Fantasy series... though I get a bit picky about which ones I like. IX and (real) VI are the best, while I remains pretty enjoyable. I also freakin' love both Dark Cloud games, and the original .hack//INFECTION-QUARANTINE games are very close to my heart.

I've been playing around with horror as a genre, particularly Indie horror (because they're free.) Highlight of my free horror game experience has been Five Nights at Freddy's, but I also really liked Imscared, and Don't Look Now.

I look forward to seeing this project progress, it's a pretty cool idea. <:^]

By Meskana about 7 years ago

That is the most amazing name. Awmgsh. :O

By Mace about 7 years ago*

I feel like I am the youngest one here. I'll add my avatar later, I am on mobile! Anyways, my name is Mason and I am 14. I live in the US. I use to play a lot of World of Warcraft but due to some complications I couldn't get it paid for anymore. After that I got into Starcraft 2. During all of that I played a bunch of steam games. Forgot to add this, when people talk to me, or see me they don't take me as the flambouyant type.

Back when I was taught HTML and CSS. My teacher was gay and we had a flirtatious thing going on when we talked. (I was 13 he was 15.) During that I taught myself a bit of Actionscript 2 (Adobe Flash), but then I thought if I was going to make a success, probably not. During that time I was a Game Master (admin/moderator) for a game called Xkour, which was a MMORPG written with Action script 3. Later on they took that down and made Chibion also a MMORPG, I was GM on that too. I've been looking to learn Lua for Garry's mod or C++ for coding in general.

I like to watch Regular show, Hell's Kitchen, Master Cher, Hotel Hell, and my favorite Big Brother. I am a big Gordan Ramsay fan. :3

I have a complications going in my life with my family, but that's another story that I'd rather not put on a forum.


By Dielawn about 7 years ago

The name Dylan! 18 year old Oregon gamer. Some of my interests are anime, soccer, PC, running/jogging, photography, swimming, and a little bit of graphic design.. I like MMOs, RPG/JRPGs, Puzzles, Tactical, jump-scares, side-scrollers, and some shooters(Like cod zombies). My favorite games are Final Fantasy X, Persona 4, Bravely Default, and Kingdom Hearts. Just saving up for spring term then I start getting my generals out of the way!

By Attis667 about 7 years ago

Fancy meeting you here.

By ElLoboUK about 7 years ago

Hey there, I'm Ellie (or Lobo), I'm 32 and living in jolly old England. I'm trans, but pre pretty much everything (still living as a male as far as my family, most of my real life friends, work etc can see). I'm pretty much a pansexual (though personally I prefer to use the term bisexual myself), so I'm interested in people from all those lovely little pigeonholes that society likes to cram us into. I'm currently single, but here to make new friends and maybe play some awesome games.

I game on PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360, though one of these days I'll probably pick up a PS3/4

I mostly prefer co-operative play to pvp stuff, and mostly play shooters, strategy and RPG's, though I do enjoy most genres.

So say hi or something :3

By Ailidh about 7 years ago*

Hey all! I'm Amber, 28yo trans girl, in the lovely state of Washington. Mostly homosexual, but there comes a guy once in a blue moon that I find attractive. Very homoromantic though. So to straight/cis laymen, I'm a lesbian. :P

I mostly play pc, but you might catch me on a friend's xbox from time to time. Getting back into Terraria lately, but I spend most of my time playing SWtOR (server:bastion). I also play some Castle Crashers (steam mostly, but sometimes xbox), I have Starbound, but I've been waiting for friends to play with, same with Magicka. I also love my Neverwinter Nights 2 (had NWN1, but lost my copy) and I'm always down to get back into it.

I love all kinds of games, my library is just small, RPGs, side scrollers, some puzzles, RTS from time to time, some shooters (RPG elements helps the likes)

I also love my NES. It's the only functioning console I own. But only because I'm too broke to buy one. PC's cheaper to upgrade, and honestly I prefer it.

I love friends too! Feel free to add me on steam, just say hi if you do. I'll probably be too shy to say it myself. But that doesn't mean I'm not friendly, or no talkative once you get me going (see: this post). Aaaaaanyway be nerds with me, especially if you're in the Seattle/Tacoma area!

By PrincessLexi about 7 years ago*

Hiya! I'm Alexis, 19 year-old trans girl in lovely British Columbia, Canada.

I pretty much exclusively play on PC. I've been playing a lot of Borderlands 2 with my boyfriend, and he managed to get me into League of Legends a few months ago. We're planning on starting Diablo 3 again whenever patch 2.1 is released, and he's making me try Path of Exile in a few days.

As for the other games I play..... I play a little bit of everything. (Except shooters and RTS. Blegh. :P) But I mostly play RPGs and co-op games.

Umm.... I guess that's it? Feel free to say hi on Steam. I'm far too shy to bite ;)

By Bryceratops about 7 years ago*

I'm Bryan, from CA, USA.

I mostly play PC and do a lot of MMOing with friends and DOTA2. I really play everything, but I think the fact that I've been playing MMOs since 2003, without someone to play with a lot of single-player games fall a bit short. My Steam library is huge, so if you're looking for a suggestions on a game to play, just tell me a genre and I could probably suit you up. If any of you play DOTA2, we should play, or I play a lot of WoW and used to play a lot of FFXIV. I'm on Staghelm and Balmung respectively. Add me on steam!

By Meskana about 7 years ago

Ahh I don't pay Dota but I play Smite. If you ever play that moba lemme know!!

By Mathricsol about 7 years ago

Hello, I'm 19, from Sheffield, UK and also a big Nintendo fan. I'm starting a Computer Science degree at Sheffield Hallam University. I also got Mario Kart 8 today. Yay!

By Red about 7 years ago

Hey! I'm Toby. I live in Texas. I prefer playing on a PC, but unfortunately mine broke. So, that sucks. But, I've got my Xbox to keep me sane and play a little bit of everything. Nice to meet everyone!

By Attis667 about 7 years ago

The name is Jordan. I'm currently going to college in Montana, but planning to transfer over to Seattle or Portland next year. I mainly used to console game, and still do a lot, but ever since I got myself a great PC I've been exploring PC gaming. I love to play horror games the most! :P

By Squidly about 7 years ago

I'm Alice, I generally self-id as queer to save navigating labels and debating the nuances of trying to arbitarily draw lines in something as complex and poorly understood as the spectrums of gender identity and sexuality, but for the sake of simplicity if pressed I'd say I'm a trans-girl and pansexual.

I play games on the PC most of the time although I own Nintendo & Sony systems for their exclusives, and ya know the PS3 is a neato blu-ray player. My favourite game series is Metroid and my favourite genre would probably be Immersive Sims even though they're so few and far between in the modern industry. Dishonored and Deus Ex HR were okay efforts though.

By PlushSnake about 7 years ago*

Hi ppl, you can call me Melissa, i'm a 25yo transwoman. I live in Brazil and study Pharmacy, just waiting to finish this and try to move to Europe, maybe >< Used to play WoW, but now I'm more into single-players. Still trying to be more social, so someday I might try to go back to MMOs. Right now I'm playing Diablo 3 (waiting for patch 2.1), Pokemon Y (trying to start competitive), Animal Crossing and sometimes, Team Fortress 2 and Civ V. I'm not soooo much into fighting games, but I have Tekken for 3DS, and sure I will buy Super Smash Bros 4 XD

By Ifly about 7 years ago

Hey, I'm Justin. I live in Austin, Texas. I play all kinds of games, emphasis on WoW and Hearthstone though. Hit me up :D

By Devolocaraptor about 7 years ago

I am Devin, I'm a 22 year old Canadian guy who cuts hair, I play a lot of single player games and I mostly console game, pretty much because I don't use a computer. I have a Wii U, Ps3, 3ds and 360 but the ps3 get the most use. I've been playing borderlands 2 a lot lately, I play the obligatory nintendo games, and im super excited for the Wii U to actually get some content. Also pretty pumped for the legend of korra game to come out, which will be pretty basic but hopefully a fun waste of some time!

By ShelbyFoote about 7 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm David! I'm a 25 y/o pharmacist from Arkansas, currently living in SE Missouri. I mostly play PC games. I'd have to say western style RPGs are my favorites, but I like the occasional shooter as well. I also enjoy playing strategy games with friends, especially Civ V (super excited about Civ: BE)!

Also, that's totally NOT me in my profile pic. :)

By Afflicted about 7 years ago

Hi, I'm Tyler. I'm a 22 yr old computer scientist (Focusing on AI, if you care to know) I will play any PC game, so if you want to play something just hit me up :)

By Malavai about 7 years ago

Hello everyone! I'm Jacqui, a 21-year-old MMO addict. I'm Canadian, and in college for graphic design. I have perhaps the least interesting games list ever; I tend to only play one game at a time. Currently that game is WildStar, although I have recently played (and would play again!) FFXIV, Tera, LoL, and DoTA. I'd also love to try a new MMO!

By Amooshi about 7 years ago

Hello everyone, my friends all call me Amoo or Ami. I just started college and during my gaming free time I tend to play JRPGs or other cooperative type games. I play a lot now on my 3ds and vita, but also like the Dynasty Warrior and other Anime spinoff games on PS3 as well as the occasional WiiU stuff. Over the summer I tend to really like Diablo styled games such as Path of Exile, Torchlight 2, and recently Marvel Heroes. It's nice to meet everyone!

By BarnacleBill about 7 years ago

Hi guys! I'm George, a 18 year undergrad about to start uni in about a week (so excited). My Favourite game of all time (well most steam hours at least) is skyrim, I mostly play RTS' and RPG games. I also like to play the occasional game of DoTA, word of warning tho if you play DoTA with me I will make you butt clench. I look forward to meeting more people, and if you wanna play a game of something feel free to ask.

By Kitty about 7 years ago

Hiya, I'm Kitty! I'm a 26 y/o demi-lesbian from New Jersey. I enjoy RPGs the most out of any game genre with puzzle / strategy games being a close second. My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy XIII and I also enjoy Skyrim in which my TES-obsessed girlfriend got me into. :)

By TheRaggedQueen about 7 years ago

Hello to you all. My name is Rosalyn, though most just shorten it to Ros or say Rose instead, neither of which I mind. I'm twenty-one, and currently based in Alabama (though that's subject to change, given how often I move), and have mostly been playing Pokemon X lately, though I've started giving my titles on the PS3 some love again. If I had a favorite game, it would like have to be Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

By MnemoQuix about 7 years ago

Hello all, I'm Mnemo. 25 years young from London, UK. I enjoy RPG, horror games (I like the feeling being scared, weird huh?) and of course. MMO. Right now I'm obsess with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Siren).

I've got a degree in Games Study & Media Arts and currently working on my second degree. I'm a lead magazine designer for a fashion magazine company and the ONLY gamer in the team (I know, it's tragic), ugh...I cannot stress enough how I feel at work being surrounded by my glamorous model-look-alike colleagues, it's all fun though, they are friendly. Nice to meet you all and happy gaming!

By Danipaca about 7 years ago

I'm Danielle from Wisconsin, USA. Currently 19, and I'm a big fan of JRPGs, RPGs, FPS, Strategy games, and puzzles games.

Some of my favorite titles include: Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VIII, Legend of Legaia (Both 1 and Dark duel stories), Star Ocean, Persona 3, and for some odd reason, League of Legends.

By Ashlynn about 7 years ago

I'm Ashlynn from Charlotte, NC (USA), and I'm 16. Big fan of... let's see... genuine roguelikes (NetHack in particular), rogue-lites (the Binding of Isaac is my favorite), JRPGs (Love the Shin Megami Tensei series, it's spinoffs, and The World Ends With You), and, erm, Super Hexagon.

I've been looking into getting into DotA 2 as a Wisp/Io main on a team, so if you're interested, shoot me a message.

Oh, also I'm going into CompSci and want to become an indie game dev.

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