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League of Legends friends?
5 comments - created by Illuen about 7 years ago

The sessions on here really isn't super useful for sharing usernames (yet) so I was wondering if we could/should have a LoL Summoner name thread. I know I'd love to find some friends to play with, and anything beats soloq! My summoner name is Sandhya, and I mainly play Jungle/Support, although you can push me into other roles if needed. I've been playing League on and off since it came out, but I've only in the past few months gotten any good at it (I've not even hit 30 yet, although I'm finally midway through 29. When I started playing seriously in june i was still level 14)

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By Karkatbanana about 7 years ago

My name is Karkatbanana (on NA) I went ahead and added you

By Oshi105 about 7 years ago

Oshinoob on NA, I've been playing regularly for years and I know everythiiing (jk)

By iCorgi about 7 years ago

iCorgi on NA. Please add me

By Danipaca about 7 years ago

My name on League is NewArkham.

By Aloure about 7 years ago

Name is Kaedeity and I'd love to play with people.