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Twitch Streamers + Viewers
5 comments - created by TeganGibby about 7 years ago

Just curious if we could get a list of people who stream on Twitch. This could serve as a list of streamers to check out for those of you who like to watch streams as well as a place for collaboration between those of us who stream.

I personally do stream on Twitch. I'm TeganGibby (stream located here). I'd love to hang out with some more LGBT people while on stream - as a trans streamer, the audience isn't always positive. I try to keep my chat well-moderated. I stream a variety of stuff and have a schedule, which you can check out on stream.

Other people, please list your own streams or what stuff you watch! If we could put together some sort of collective, it would be awesome. If anyone partnered could potentially throw together a Twitch team, that would be even more awesome!

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By Kennyist about 7 years ago

I'm currently in the process of adding a search function to the site, This will allow you to find users based on stuff like if they have Twitch. But I can also add a page that shows every Live twitch stream as-well.

By TeganGibby about 7 years ago

I'd still like to actively network with others via this forum so that we could collaborate and stuff, although those would be awesome!

By Amooshi about 7 years ago

It'd sure be cool to have a little widget or whatever that box is called, where it shows people currently streaming. I don't if that's at all possible, sorry.

By Kennyist about 7 years ago

I've added a top streams widget to the bottom of the page, Not many users stream often enough to have a page yet.

By Nikatine about 4 years ago

This is a great idea! I love twitch, I use it all the time - I've even got a schedule!

I'm NikatineStream on twitch. Come hang out! We've got music, Overwatch, and a sweet queer community!